How do I start up the app?

Either npm run meteor:dev or meteor --settings settings-development.json will work.

Where can I ask questions and chat with others in the community?

Our community spends a lot of time helping each other on our Slack chatroom. To join, you can grab an invite here.

How do I use codebuddies.org?

To login to this web site, you use the same Slack login that you use for codebuddies.slack.com.
After you log in, the first thing you should do is update your "currently working on" status message. Next, click on one of the icons to indicate whether you'd be interested in joining a silent hangout, a collaborative hangout, or a teaching hangout. The "learnings" tab lets you share learnings or accomplishments and upvote others' learnings and accomplishments.

Who can schedule a hangout?

Anyone can schedule a hangout! You don't need to be an expert about a topic to start a hangout to discuss or study it.

How do I join a hangout?

You need to be logged in before you RSVP to a hangout. Then, when the hangout time arrives, click to load the hangout. Here's an example screenshot from a hangout:

What are the "learnings" sections on each hangout post?

During the hangout, you're often have lightbulb moments that you want to keep track of. If you type in what you learn in the box on the top right of the page, and hit enter, this learning will get tracked on the hangout page and will also appear in your learnings' list on your profile page.

Why the emphasis on hangouts?

We've discovered that joining a hangout that we pre-schedule in advance (or sometimes spontaneously schedule) is a fun way to learn a programming or web development skill quicker.

How is this project funded?

This project operates in full transparency as a member of the Open Collective. Please help support our architecture costs by becoming a sponsor or backer. You can help keep this project alive!

Why did you all work together to build this site?

Our community spends a lot of time helping each other on Slack, but it's hard to schedule study times in advance in a chatroom, and it's also hard to know who else is online possibly working on the same thing at the same time. This website solves those issues.
Last modified 3yr ago