Non-code ways to contribute
You don't need to submit pull requests to contribute to the CodeBuddies community.
On Slack:
    Help each other out with your coding questions.
    Share useful or informative links.
    Award points to other users by @username++ them.
    Start a silent hangout to invite others to cowork with you
    Start a teaching hangout to teach something you know
    Start a collaborative hangout to pair program or work through a tutorial
Joining an organizing team
    Join the #podcast channel if you're interested in producing podcast episodes (cross-posted on YouTube) as an interviewer or video editor
    Join the #cb-newsletter channel if you're interested in helping out with the newsletter or Medium publication
    Join #cb-sponsors-outreach if you're interested in being on the team that reaches out to sponsors
    Join #cb-forum if you're interested in helping grow as a moderator
On our Open Collective:
    Donate to our Open Collective to support us financially -- or if you know of a company who would like to sponsor, please connect us with them. :) Our finances are 100% transparent on the Open Collective, and will go to expenses like:
      domain renewal
      hosting costs
      upgrading our database hosting
      upgrading our mailgun plan (for sending transactional emails)
      affording stickers to send to contributors
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