4/ Submitting a Pull Request
Once you're satisfied with the commits you've made in your branch and have pushed it up, you're ready to submit a pull request!
  1. 1.
    Head back over to the parent repository at https://github.com/codebuddies/codebuddies
  2. 2.
    Click on "Pull Requests".
  3. 3.
    Click the new pull request button and compare your branch with the staging branch on the CodeBuddies repo.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Pull Request

The following is excerpted from Keavy's article on the Github blog, "How to write the perfect pull request":
  • Include the purpose of this Pull Request. For example: This is a spike to explore… This simplifies the display of… This fixes handling of…
  • Consider providing an overview of why the work is taking place (with any relevant links); don’t assume familiarity with the history.
  • Remember that anyone in the company could be reading this Pull Request, so the content and tone may inform people other than those taking part, now or later.
  • Be explicit about what feedback you want, for example: a quick pair of eyes on the code, discussion on the technical approach or critique on design.
  • Be explicit about when you want feedback, if the Pull Request is work in progress, say so. A prefix of “[WIP]” in the title is a simple, common pattern to indicate that state.
  • @mention individuals that you specifically want to involve in the discussion, and mention why. (“/cc @jesseplusplus for clarification on this logic”).
  • @mention teams that you want to involve in the discussion, and mention why. (“/cc @github/security, any concerns with this approach?”)
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